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Juneteenth Virginia

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JuneteenthVA Images


A Union soldier re-enactor and a paying customer at the 1st Annual Hampton Roads Juneteenth Festival.

Summers in Suffolk
Original drawing by Maizelle


"Summers in Suffolk" (1870 - 1990) is a cycle of six plays that share the stories of five generations of four African American families as they move from enslavement to freedom while living on the edge of the Great Dismal Swamp.  ISBN: 1929507038


Top Left: Regina Scott Sanford as Cleopatra, VII in "Afrikan Kingz & Queenz."  Top Right: Barry Clemson as John Brown in "Abolitionists' Museum."  Bottom Right: Suwabi African BalletBottom Left: Civil Rights Activist, Dick Gregory at the 3rd Annual Hampton Roads Juneteenth Festival


Madarro Brooks portraying Nat Turner.  Photo by Earl Lewis, Jr.

Juneteenth Celebrates Freedom For All!